How to Protect Your Website From Getting Bamboozled

Our site got Bamboozled

How to Protect Your Website From Getting Bamboozled

We got attack just prior to putting a defensive weapon in place that guards against the threat of exploits. Exploits threaten about 95% of the websites out there. When we first saw the damage of what this cyber pest could do we took immediate action to start putting into place for our customers. We didn’t want our customers to go through what we did. We saw even the top 7 security systems fail in this area where the hacker has nothing to gain but the enjoyment of causing chaos. Destroying and eliminating 100’s if not 1000’s of pages of data known to most of you as web pages.

But the damage goes well beyond the lost of data. It could come with other major ramifications too. Like lossing your reputation, your ranking, getting blocked by Google as a dangerous page and a whole lot more!

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Up until this last year even the top-rated security systems were getting taken out in less than a minute without the culprit getting anything to gain but the downfall of others in their path. Why? Because those systems didn’t fight that aspect. During the testing of this software in guarding the site and our time, we minimized our pages to fully rebuilding it until our tests were complete. We are proud to announce that we have a very powerful weapon now and we have tested it over the last few months against some reoccurring attacks. We had 45 attacks in just a three month period!

Our program tracks the attacking IP address and location who tried to attack us and in each step successfully blocked the attackers. After they tried so many times they get taken to a page to let them know that we are onto them.

We can install it on your site for you or let you purchase the software yourself if you would like.

Give yourself two things:

  1. An education and then the
  2. Peace of mind of how to combate it and win. Watch a case study in action.

The way it hit our system it took out all 40 of our sites – all at once The back-up systems at the time of the attack over wrote the good data with the bad data just because of the timing and our lack of knowledge of getting attacked.

We have been so busy and excited about the development of our other systems that we are rolling out that we had put this site on hold until now.

You will see pages start to come back alive as we begin to integrate some of our newest product lines in with our established programs.

Thank you to those of you that have continued to engage with us during this trail and be ready to rock on in 2017. It’s going to be our best year yet!

Our previous customers know that we focus on Attraction – Retention – Operation strategies and resources.

What a better way to get started in protecting what you have built so far. Check out the things below and see if you are using any of the following alone for security.

None of those things are designed to fight an Exploit only our program

Enhance Your Net Solution to Word Press Exploits