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What Is a Cinemagraph?

A cinemagraph are a hybrid between a video and still photo. Still photos that have a moving element are truly mesmerizing, captivating and they grabbed instant attention. There’s a reason why big companies and top global brands like Ikea are using Cinemagraph in their marketing today. They found that by using Cinemagraph in their advertising, their engagement with their click through rate increased 51 times. Microsoft expanded on that result by 45% with even higher click-through rates and Mercedes also attracted a massive thirty-four percent more traffic by using Cinemagraph.

Their Basic Purpose

We create original Cinemagraph for advertising, digital content and social media campaigns. Allowing you to laser target your end user through an active photo. For example, Ad campaigns have proven to be extremely successful on Instagram after running a series of four targeted Cinemagraphs.

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As you can see from the image at the top, you are in good company with Google, Tiffany and Company, Samsung and so many more. We have listed just a handful of the companies who have incorporated the technology into their marketing mix. This format brings the ambiance of a place or event to life without the distractions of a full video. Thus, allowing the focus on the topic at hand. It can also be more economical than a full-blown video.

Who Can Benefit from A Cinemagraph?

Just about any industry can benefit from its unique approach to engagement. From barber shops, plumbing, travel, fashion, lifestyle, breweries, automotive and more.

There’s something about the emotion captured in an image that has fascinated the viewer.

Every website and social media platform should have an assortment of video sprinkled throughout its presentation that is relevant for the viewer. By doing so, peaks interest of the end user and when it can be so focused like a Cinemagraph it also peaks a positive interaction with your targeted audience.

This phenomenal marketing tool allows the key elements of emotion the focus without the distractions of a full video. For example, a Real estate agent, fancy hotel or resort might create a Cinemagraph of suds swishing in an inviting bubble bath. Creating the emotion of peace and relaxation in a life of luxury. A restaurant can create the sense of presentation with pictures of their entrees or signature dishes showing the steam rising off the plate of food. Or perhaps the effervescence of a glass of champagne. Each living image allows the website visitor to begin the anticipated experience and leaving them wanting more. Another setting could be a fireplace in the shared area like in a ski lodge. This could create the sense of comfort, warmth and good times showing only the flickering of the flames. Or even the steaming hot chocolate chip cookies from the bakery could and frequently stirs warm loving memories of home.

The beauty of a Cinemagraph is that it depicts the defining characteristic of a location and brings it to life.

Cinemagraphs are great to use in your blog and social media posts. They are very effective in promotional advertising in grabbing an immediate response for likes, sharing and of course sales.

Cinemagraphs On Social Media

Pinterest allow users to pin or post Cinemagraph, their signature movement is stilled. However, Google seems to be embracing the GIF file. Newly enlarged G+ cover photos for both profiles and pages provides a large and inviting canvas. In addition, to its new filter in Image search, Google’s social network Google+ accepts animated images. So now we can even make a Cinemagraph the default image for a G+ event invitation.

Other social networks that works well with Cinemagraphs are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr.

A Tool for Growth and Creative Flair.

These creative pieces are truly versatile tools. Cinemagraphs have more applications than what you may realize. They are a great creative asset for link building.

Build Your Network While Building Your Sales.

Consider partnering with a company in a vertical market. One that you could benefit from that is non-competing then offer to create them a Cinemagraph. Focus on the blogger of that industry in exchange for links (through embed codes or manual link attribution for the Cinemagraph that they’ll choose to use for their blog posts). This is a very natural way of building back links to well-known names to help get your site ranked faster.

Ranking your website through association is a very powerful strategy.

Another opportunity is to use one to transform a ubiquitous data presentation of an infographic into something more dynamic in your presentation.

Spice up your website or landing page and put a cinemagraph next to your opt-in form. Doing something different to could get viewers to take action.

What Are the Base Elements of a Good Cinemagraph?

A good cinemagraph starts dwith an impressive video then has the edits and special effects applied. Note, that not all videos are good options for this active piece of art.  We have some awesome professionally shot video footage available for a lot of different applications. But to create a truly unique piece that is geared for your company specifically there are a few options to choose from.

  • Have a professional videographer come up and shoot the footage on site. Either you or we can provide.
  • We can pull from youtube and either give recognition and payment to the creator of the video.
  • You could provide footage yourself in HD high definition. Then we will edit and create from that.
    1. If this is your option here are a few tips to keep in mind.
    2. Use a tripod or some other mount to eliminate shaky images.
    3. Have an idea in mind before you start. We would be happy to consult with you ahead of time. To help you get the best result and brain storm the different concepts available.
    4. Remember we only need about 7 to 10 seconds of time. But shoot many shots to have a selection to choose from. Be aware the section selection and editing is of the most time-consuming factor. So to keep costs down send us about three to four clips of what you are trying to capture. We will run and edit several different clips to get the best result. We review all clips, but if you have a favorite lets us know and the estimated time stamp and we will focus on that first.
    5. We can have several different effects on the cinemagraph available.
    6. If you are using a phone camera set it for the greatest pixels for video. Just make the videos short for transmission. Or upload into your drive and send us a link. Just set the link to edit so that we can download.
    7. Use good lighting to get the best result and try to avoid face shadows.

What Is Involved in Its Creation?

Each clip is altered with some special effects such as the speed of your moving part. Different font types and free hand drawing are available to use for ad campaigns. Along with seven color schemes listed below. Depending on the goal determines the best option. Even when the same clip is used, each Cinemagraph is unique and is not duplicatable. We are not able to save it like a word document to compare the color schemes in the final stage. The color scheme is the final element in the Cinemagraph creation. Once it is applied edits to the piece are no longer available. We must start from scratch, if we didn’t get the desired result. If you like a layout we will get as close as possible but there will never be an exact creation. The following consists of the seven color schemes mentioned above.

  1. None (It remains the same color tones that was submitted.)
  2. Arctic
  3. Podzol
  4. Gobi
  5. Yuma
  6. Darken
  7. Ellemere

Because of the time involvement there will typically be a deposit required before development begins. Depending on the size of the project and if an outside Videographer is required for special projects will determine the amount of the deposit.

Our Goal

To provide you with an interesting and creative piece that leads to engagement, business recognition, and website presence through website associations; which over time tends to lead to more growth and sales.

We will work with your budget and your over-all goals. We can sell individual, clusters, or campaign packages to accommodate your marketing needs.

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1) Dry fly Delight on the Green River

2) Fly Fishing Only Without Text

3) Rafting the Green River (Natural colors) No Text

4) Rafting the Green River (Natural colors) Feel the Thrill

5) School of fish (–School is Out–Time for Making Memories (Dark filter)

6) Fish cluster in Utah’s Green River

7) Fly Fishing on the Green River

8) Fly Fishing on the Green River NO TEXT Podzol Effect

9) Join in the Raft River Fun

10) Dutch Johns Towing There When You Need Us – Yuma Effect

11) Dutch John’s Resort Mechanic Shop Available

To see what size they would be in social media click here. They would be created as a Gif file to work on Facebook post and such.