Current Specials – Betas

Current Beta Programs

Current Specials – Betas

Thanks for checking our one of our social media sites. As a reward we would like to share with you some of our current beta programs that you could possibly qualify for.

When you click on the link of interest you will be taken first to a optin form that tells us that you are interested in learning more about that particular beta program. We are constantly upgrading and making our programs more powerful with each version. As we expand our versions we select a set number of companies that we will research and see if they qualify. For those chosen we offer them a special opportunity not available to the general public.

Depending which of the beta programs that we have running at the time the cost savings for you the business owner can be very substantial. Ranging any where from $500 to $3000 per beta program.

Below we will list our programs that we plan on running in beta off and on over the next 6 months. We also will run a beta pricing from time to time while running case studies out of appreciation of the owner’s feedback to make our programs even more powerful.

We will email you or call you back typically within 24 hours Monday through Friday.

We will let you know if . . .

  1. You qualify.
  2. If it is currently running.  If not we will put you on the list of interested parties and give you a discount code for any marketing service of your choice out of appreication of your time.
  3. Also as an added bonus you will recieve video stinger that you could use with your marketing efforts. This alone is a minium $70 value.

Beta Programs

Here are the Beta Programs that we will be running off and on over the next six months. Choose the one that you are most interested in.

Social Covers – Learn how to maximize your online presense while minimizing your ad spend.

RepVideos –  Learn how the power of video and professional graphics can promote your reputation.

Banner Display Ads – Take advantage of proven to work layouts that you could use to promote your brand, offer or reputation.

Sign-in/Out Stragies to gain more reviews fast and get the input from your customers. Click here to watch a replay on how this works and how you could get the service for Free.

Traffic – A better way than PPC for getting traffic. Traffic that counts and makes a difference while saving in ad spend. Click here to get your Free video logo stinger. A consultant will be contacting you.


Click here claim your Video Logo Stinger and to be taken immediately to the current beta.

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Be sure to click on the optin of your choice above to claim your $70 video stinger for your marketing.