How To Get A 5 Star Rating and Keep it

How to Get 5 Star Reviews and Keep Them

How To Get A 5 Star Rating and Keep it.

Today, every search on Google Maps among other directories or social platforms are promoting what score your company is getting out of a 5 Star possibility. That 5-Star rating grants you TRUST in the eyes of the viewer to even consider you in doing business with you. But it’s important to spread those ratings across the top 30 directories and social platforms where your customers are looking and not just where you want to be.

Interesting facts for you to consider.

Fact: Over 80% of the time even when someone personally refers a company or product to a friend or neighbor that before that person will call that company or buy the product that they will turn to the internet to find reviews about the product or service to validate what their friend had had said.

Fact: One bad review puts a company at risk of closure. In 2015, Yelp could determine based on the reviews a restaurant was getting when they would end up closing. They had taken both the star rating and an algorithm based on the words in the review to make the determination. This was backed by a University of Maryland study.

After analyzing approximately 130,000 Yelp reviews, researchers from the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business have found a way to predict if a restaurant is doomed and when it might close.

Fact: A Harvard Business School study, proved that a one-star decrease in a restaurant’s overall Yelp rating could lead to a 5 percent loss in revenue. Indeed, Yelp seems particularly influential – to a degree that its reviews and ratings of restaurants could determine if and when a badly performing restaurant could shut down.

Fact:  One bad review will deter 8 out of 10 viewers from looking any further at a company or product.

Fact: A referral made by someone personally known to the viewer has a 90% influence on their buying decision and a review by a complete stranger online has an 89% influence.

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