Service Processing Procedures – Refunds

Service Processing Procedures and Refund Policies

Service Processing Procedures – Refunds

Service Processing Procedures

Our service processing procedures are the same no matter the payment form. Payments accepted

are for check, cash, money orders, or any of the major credit

Payments and Due Dates

All payments will be expected within 24 hours of sending proof of agreement via email or fax.

Unless the amount is $2,000 or more the full amount is expected before the services will start

within that 24 hour period just mentioned.

Any amounts including and beyond $2,000 will be set up for payment based upon terms in the

agreed proposal.

Return Check Charges and Procedures

Any returned checks will be charged a return check fee equal to the bank it is deposited with. A

minimum to be expected would be $30 per deposit. A maximum of two deposits will be made

before required to change the payment type. Any and all other fees to collect on will show as a

balance due and must be paid before services can commence.

Note that the checks will be processed either by ARCH payment process or by image capture.


All services will be assigned a deadline to have the necessary items, via content, logo, other

pictures or information needed to complete the task. This deadline is for the client’s benefit to

insure a prompt and complete processing of the proposal they have agreed to.

Since we (the company – Enhance Your Net, LLC) schedule out our work load to meet the

deadlines on the proposal; it is only fair that if the client has not paid the balance on any

outstanding fees (like that of return check fees or other related costs) by the first deadline of

items requested from the client in order to complete the task at hand; then the company has the

right to cancel the agreement. In so doing, the company will return all monies except for any

charges accrued by the client and related do to having non-sufficient funds. This can be done

without any ill affects to the company.

In the sense, if a client has paid in full or part for the services and has not supplied any of the

necessary or requested items to the company to complete its processing and has a change of mind

to continue then a full refund will be issued within 15 days.

If the client would like to continue the service proposal, but finds themselves in need of an

extension then they may request an extension following the guidelines and requirements below.

Where to Request the Extension

They may request an extension in the communications hub if it is Attraction Marketing based or

to Suzette’s direct email [email protected] if it is Retention Marketing based services.

Confirmation of the Received Email is Mandatory

Please confirm that Suzette has received the email by getting a confirmation email back from her

letting her know your request and the agreement there in. This would need to be done directly

even if you have a separate consultant handling the process.

The same applies to all services under the Marketing Services tab that is segregated by the

Attraction Marketing or the Retention marketing, or the Marketing Plans tab.

Client Approval Starts the Clock

Once the client has approved the agreement for services payment is expected within 24 hours of

the signed agreement. That agreement can be transmitted via email or fax. The email if outside of

the communication hub will be listed below along with the fax to send it to. All invoices for

$2,000 or less will be expected to be paid in full within that 24 hour period.

Monthly Services Are Paid Quarterly

We have both SEO based services found under the Attraction Marketing tab and Attraction

Marketing tab that has monthly updates, tracking and performance activities. These are paid and

reviewed with the client on a quarterly basis. The final due date for the upcoming quarter will be

the 10th of the month. Invoices to remind you will go out no later than the last day of the

previous month owing.

What If Payments Are Not Received Before The 10th On Recurring Cycles

If payments are not received by the 10th and no communication has been made by the client the

services will not be fulfilled at NO fault of the company. In that case, the company cannot be

held responsible for any loss of sales, inconvenience or other that it may cause.

Do we offer right of rescission? Yes

Terms that must be adhered to in order to take advantage of the rescission.

Once the proposal document has either been signed physically or returned via email with their

payment following within 24 hours or less; then the client is put on a deadline to start sending in

info for any of our attraction marketing services. This deadline and internal email via our

dashboard shows the count down to the client and if they are over due or not for both required

items or payments for the ongoing services.

We will process their card on the attraction marketing services but we will not start the work

until all items needed are received. We will not allow projects to be dragged out. That would

slow us down and affect our other customers. This process gives us the ability to cancel the

project on our end if the client has not met the deadline without any negative affect or legal

retribution to the company “Enhance Your Net.” This also allows our customers to know that we

are serious on our deadlines as we are serious in fulfilling their needs. The typical turn around

time for most things required from the client to at least get started is about 7 days or less.

If the client has not turned in any of the required documentation or images or other requested by

the set deadline they may ask in writing via an email for a seven (7) day extension of time to turn

in the items to prevent cancelation by Enhance Your Net. You must have a confirmed reply

showing your notification.

In the event, that the customer has not submitted anything to get started on and is within three

days of the original work request a full refund is available. If the work has been started then there

will be up to a maximum of three revisions to satisfy the customer and no refund because of the

signed agreement. This would apply to any of the marketing services.

Guarantee of Services

SEO General Keyword Rankings

Guarantees on our attraction marketing segments only apply if the client locks in with a minimal

of a 6 month and recommend a 12 month service contract for ongoing SEO campaigns. Typically

6 months is the least amount of time for true evaluation for any SEO based program. At that

mark at least improvement of some sort can be seen over their starting point. With any company,

a 12 month period is the industry wide recommendation of time to see improvements over their

starting point. That is because in this section we are looking only at keyword rankings


As part of the requirements for the Attraction Marketing segments pertaining to your key word

ranking advancements a website audit would need to be done and paid for by the client. Plus

have at least the “High and Medium” priorities taken care of either by the client or Enhance Your

Net and paid for prior to running any SEO campaigns to increase chances of a successful SEO


Starting points and on going quarterly reports will reflect the actual advancements. If they have

not seen improvement at the 6 month or the 12 month locked in time slot Enhance Your Net will

not grant a refund but will give them an additional 3 months or 6 months of SEO campaign

found under Attraction marketing section. This guarantee is equal to 1/2 of their latest dated

locked in contract. These reports are pulled off of their Google analytics embedded in to their


Brand Optimization Service

There are a few things required of the client to allow us to guarantee services. Like our standard

SEO services the following three things apply. Plus the client must pay for a Quarterly website

update and performance analysis which is an add-on service.

  • Agree to a 6 to 12 month SEO campaign that is built into the “Brand Optimization Service”
  • Have a website audit done before the campaign begins.
  • Have the action(s) shown from that website audit that have been marked as a “High priority” and

“Medium Priority” to be completed by either the client or Enhance Your Net. If the client would like

Enhance Your Net to complete the tasks then they must be paid for by the client and required to be

done prior to the start of the “Brand Optimization” campaign. Some websites may have a lot of

hidden problems and this is simply should be done even if we didn’t have the guarantee in order to

have a have a successful SEO campaign. This should be done even outside our Brand Optimization

services and in our other attraction marketing services.

  • Quarterly website update and performance analysis. This is an add-on service that

is REQUIRED for the Brand Optimization Service Guarantee.

What is “Quarterly Website Update and Performance Analysis?”

This is an add-on service available only to the “Brand Optimization Service” category. This

program has technology that allows our technicians to stay on top of Google’s constantly

changing algorithms to adjust to the campaigns for maximum and on-going positive impact. Here

the specialists are taking proactive actions to make adjustments to the website in real time of

need. A simple frame of reference would be taking the pulse of Google and making the

mandatory adjustments automatically without burdening the business owner with its details and

just showing the positive results that have come of it.

With this added service we are not only looking and fixing as part of the service any problems

that come up after the initial fixes but will tweak the web site and campaign to insure success.

This is a time consuming and skill driven resource because we are evaluating any local

signatures, changes in Google’s algorithms, and a lot more.

What is the return policy on any other Marketing Services Created by Enhance Your Net?

Marketing Plans

On a marketing plan creation we will allow up to three revisions without additional charge. Due

to the nature of the service and extensive research and time required no cash or credit refunds

apply. Some of our services that we would use to implement some the services that we offer

have a 14 to 30 day free trail for them to explore either before or during the plan creation. They

are fully aware of the services to support our marketing plans.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps can also have up to three revisions of the main and initial app. Frequently we could

upon request create a mock up of what the app will look like before putting in its full

functionality. For on-going changes we have a very nominal monthly service that handles any

push notifications, monthly ads, venue and event changes and such.

Sales Funnels

Sales funnels are unique to every business. Here we are taking what you have offline and

creating landing pages, copy, and email follow-up sequences. It’s typical as mentioned in the

related page that it take about three months of split testing to find out what is working for your

particular company. Revisions could be happening in response to the split testing results. So no

refunds are given. Our goal is to make your marketing a success.

Payments Are Secure

All payments are processed over a secured and encrypted location. Via through PayPal’s

processing or other secured line.

For Extension Approval Agreements Please Send To:

Suzette Kooyman at: [email protected]

You will get a reply email upon receipt of your request.

For approvals of service proposals:

All under the Attraction Marketing Tab could be automatic in the communications Hub.

If you choose to print the proposal PDF just sign and fax it.

Fax: +1 (801) 405-7791

Our main number to reach your dedicated consultant or billing is:

+1 (888) 571-6478 FREE

Our mailing address is:

7901 S 3200 W, Unit 293

West Jordan, UT 84084 USA

Any questions feel free to call:

Suzette Kooyman – Ext (1 )

+1 (888) 571-6478 FREE

Her direct email is: [email protected]

If you need any other contact information, please see our “Contact Us” page.